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uyyala jampala 2013 songs download

uyyala jampala 2013 songs download


Uyyala Jampala (2013)
Cast : Raj Tarun, Avika Gor
Director : Virinchi Varma
Producer : P. Ram Mohan
Lyrics : Vasu Valaboju, Rambabu Gosala
Music : Sunny M.R.

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01 – Uyyalaina Jampalaina
Singers : Harshika Gudi, Anudeep Dev
Download Link

02 – Lapak Lapak Ayipothundi
Singers : Harshika Gudi, Bindu, Deepu
Download Link

03 – Nijamga Idi Nenenaa
Singers : Harshika Gudi, Sunny MR
Download Link

04 – Mana Bandham
Singers : Sunny MR
Download Link

05 – Dher Tak Chala (Hindi)
Singers : Arijit Singh
Download Link


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